Rotador® Adaptor

Vacuuming Systems


Item No.: 601 401

Exploded view drawing:

  • Simultaneous blowing and vacuuming
  • Suitable for the Tornador® Black, Classic and Basic
  • Can be rotated 270°
  • Adapter for conventional wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • Robust design

The Rotador® ADAPTOR is the long-awaited attachment that combines air pulse cleaning guns with wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Installed quickly and easily, it combines the penetrating power of the rotating milling tool with (or without) cleaning liquid and the suction of your vacuum cleaner. The Rotador® adapter can be rotated 270° and easily adapts to different working angles. The simplifies handling even in work areas where access is limited and makes the Rotador® Adaptor even more of an indispensable professional tool in auto detailing. The Rotador® Adaptor can be mounted on all Tornador® air pulse cleaning guns: Z-010, Z-014, Z-020, S-Series and RS-Series